transgeniale f_antifa?

Antifa, because Nazis and the conditions which make their ideology possible still need to be abolished.
F_, because feminism does not only mean smashing the patriarchy, but also keeping other power relations in mind and sabotaging them.
Transgenial (transgenius), because too many people still believe there are only two genders and we will glitter away this claim.


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Fingerprint: 6DE1 4216 4A67 8692 0D1D D3C7 DECC A1E9 FB7F DDDC

transgeniale f_antifa presents:
Queer Edge Bar

vegan | smoke-free | without alcohol and other drugs
open for all genders | with snacks and cake

every two months on the 1st thursday | 7 pm
Projektraum H48
Hermannstraße 48 | 2nd backyard
12049 Berlin


You can print and distribute our zines and texts without asking for permission beforehand.

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